TVR 50th anniversary celebration & reunion

Well, we will only make an announcement like this once!


It is with great joy and tremendous excitement we announce plans for TVR’s 50th Anniversary Celebration & Reunion, to be held July 4-7, 2018! What an amazing blessing, and still hard to believe, that it’s been 50 years! God’s hand has been so obviously and faithfully on this ministry every step of the way. Wow, what a journey!


While we look forward to hearing and telling the many stories and memories attached to this shared journey, we also look with great anticipation as to what the Lord has planned for the future of His ministry here on the mountain.


We want to take this opportunity to share some details about the event. We are striving to provide as many opportunities for fellowship both collectively and individually, while also making time to enjoy all camp activities – food, fun, and fellowship – or simply rest and marvel in creation! We will have all the “norms,” open daily – horses, tubing, zipline, etc., as well as the Snack Shack and Walt Bob’s Coffee Shop open as much as possible for your enjoyment.


As all of you know, anyone who has served or visited TVR instantly becomes family. After 50 years this has become more beautiful and enormous in scope than we could have ever imagined! In light of this, and making every effort to give honor where honor is due, we will make registration/camp housing available exclusively for past full-time staff and families beginning October 20 through November 30, 2017. Beginning December 1, we will extend registration for this event to include any past summer staff and/or volunteers who have served during any season.


Beginning January 1, registration will be open to anyone who desires to be part of this celebration.


We are thrilled to share that ALL of our previous directors (and as many of their families that are able to be here) will be able to join us for this blessed event! 


Below, we have listed lots of information under the “Nuts and Bolts – Things You May Need to Know.” While we are sure this won’t answer every question, hopefully these things will be helpful as you plan.


We are putting this announcement on both our website and our Facebook page. Being aware that not everyone will have access to these sites or see these posts, we ask that you please share with any folks you think would like to know about this celebration and be interested in joining us.


In effort to respond to any inquiries or questions in a timely fashion, we humbly ask that you direct all comments, questions, and inquiries to


While we expect there to be many inquiries and comments, we have set up an email address exclusively for questions and comments in reference to this event. In effort to respond to these inquiries in a timely fashion, we humbly ask that you direct all comments, questions, and inquiries to, rather than post on the Facebook page. This way, we will be able to easily identify correspondence related to the event and get back to folks as quickly as possible.


Hope to see you here next summer! THIS IS GONNA BE FUN!!


Nuts & Bolts (Things You May Need To Know)


  • o   The retreat reunion will begin on Wednesday, July 4th, at 2pm, and wrap up on Saturday after breakfast, by 10am.
  • o   We do have to ask that everyone adhere closely to these times. We know this will not be nearly enough time for us to all spend together (what would be!?), but being in the middle of summer camp, we do feel we must defer to our staff’s need to clean and rest to prepare for the beginning of week five of summer camp.



  • o   We will have all of TVR’s typical activities up and running during “Free Time” hours, and hope you all get to enjoy your fill of them!
  • o   The Snack Shack and Walt Bob’s Coffee Shop will be open as much as possible. Cash is typically the easiest transaction, but we do accept cards. If you plan to use a card, we encourage you to set up an account for your family at the beginning of the retreat that can be paid off upon departure on Saturday morning. Accounts to have to be set up by an adult in the family.
  • One of the things we are most excited about are, of course, our session times! We are so delighted that all of TVR’s previous directors will be here to speak during session!
  • o   Childcare will be provided during session times for babies – elementary age children.
  • o   A detailed schedule of events will be released in the coming months.

  • o   We will have on-campus housing available. Due to limited lodging – we have 28 total units on campus – TVR housing will be first given to previous full-time staff.
  • o   If your family is willing to join in with another family while staying on campus, please indicate this in your email to register.
  • o   We have partnered with some folks here in Plumtree to provide housing for this retreat, and this information will be provided upon registration.
  • o   Always consider the option of going in with another family even in booking these off-campus lodging options!

  • o   Meals are outlined in the schedule of events. As part of the retreat, Wednesday dinner is provided, three meals on Thursday and Friday, and an early breakfast on Saturday.
  • o   Please make us aware of any special dietary needs or allergies.  While it is our desire to accommodate these needs as best we can, we are limited in our ability, due to the volume of guests we have. Please indicate any special dietary needs in your registration email. We always encourage folks to bring any substitutions they may require. Our Food Services Coordinator will work with you individually should you have any of these needs.

  • o   Registration will open October 15 – November 15, 2017 for previous full-time staff.
  • o   Registration will then be open from November 16 –  December 31 for previous summer staff and volunteers who have served during any season.
  • o   After January 1, registration will be open to any who wish to celebrate with us.
  • o   There is no cost for the retreat; however a fully-refundable deposit of $100 will be required FOR THOSE GUESTS STAYING ON CAMPUS to hold your place. This deposit, again, will be fully refunded to you once you arrive. Please note, this deposit is not required for guests staying off campus.
  • o   We have a fully-refundable cancellation window of 30 days before the retreat date. Any cancellation made after this time will be unable to be refunded. The heart behind this is to be fair to all who wish to attend the retreat, considering the limited availability we may have.
  • o   All attendees will be required to complete and submit a registration form. This form will be sent to you when you email us to register and will be due within two weeks with the deposit.
  • o   If there are any attendees under the age of 18 not attending with a parent/guardian, we will require a special registration form with medical information.
  • o   TO REGISTER, email Please include in the email:
  •   Former staff’s name and years/summers served
  •   Size of family
  •   Please indicate when you will arrive & depart from the retreat. Please make a special note if you will not attend the entire retreat celebration.
  • We will then follow up with you with the necessary form and details.
  •   In the subject line of the email, please include family name
  •   Please only use this email for reunion celebration correspondence. If you would like to contact any of our TVR staff for any other reason, please use