We are excited about our 2020 summer camp season and glad that you are prayerfully considering serving this summer. If this is your first time looking into serving here, we'd love to answer any questions you may have.  In an attempt to do so, we have listed several FAQ's, as well as a few things you may need to know.  Please feel free to contact us through email or phone call with any further questions, clarifications, or just to say "Hey."  Our contact info is listed at the bottom of the page.  Blessings as you seek the Lord on how and where to serve Him!

1.) What are the dates that I will be serving?

Camp session begins with staff training week, beginning on Sunday, May 31st, 2020 and ends the last day of camp after lunch on Saturday, August 1st, 2020.  Staff training is MANDATORY for all summer staff.  However, if there are circumstances which present a challenge for you to be here, please make us aware and we'll make every effort to work with you.  We ask that everyone make the commitment to serve the entire summer season unless they are apart of our Leader in Training program.  Again, if there is something that prevents this, please let us know and we will make every effort to work with you.

2.) How old do you have to be to serve on summer staff?

Generally, we accept applications from those that are 16 years old and up.  There is no cap on the maximum age, though we "generally" field a staff from 16- 30ish years old.  We do offer a Leaders in Training positions to a limited number of 15 year olds, which is a 4-week commitment.  All staff 18 and older must be willing to submit to a background check performed by TVR. 

3.) If I'm accepted for a summer position, what roles are available to me?

While there are many different areas to serve during summer, the four main roles involve work staff, food services staff, snack shack staff, and counselors.  You may serve in just one of these, or combination of some throughout your serving. Our TVR staff job description is "WHATEVER". No matter what role we're asked to serve in, it is critical that ALL of our staff display a servant's heart, and is willing to serve in whatever capacity as needed. You may let us know if you desire to, or not to, work in a particular role, and we will take that into consideration.

4.) Is there payment or compensation for summer staff?

There is no salary or payment for the vast majority of roles for the summer. Occasionally, there are 3-4 leadership roles which are paid positions, depending on the year and the need.  We ask that those serving at TVR treat it as a missions opportunity.  As with many missions projects, the option for raising funds is available.  You may prefer to ask for financial support directly from family and friends, or you can choose to raise support through our process which involves asking for donations from a minimum of 50 different sources. Meeting these criteria will ensure a minimum level of compensation. Raising support is completely voluntary, and we will be happy to give you more specifics and help you with the process.  If you are unable to raise funds, and have made the efforts to seek support, we will work with you and ensure your needs are met. 

5.) What expenses can I expect over the summer at TVR?

There are surprisingly and wonderfully very few expenses while serving here for the summer. Once you arrive (you are responsible for your transportation to and from TVR.) most necessities are provided. Three meals a day are provided Monday through Friday, breakfast on Saturday and breakfast and dinners on Sunday.  As well, TONS of delicious leftovers are available most weekends. You'll likely want to into town with some of your fellow camp-staff and grab some non-camp food on your time off on the weekend, so they'll be some expense there, is you so choose. You'll need to get your laundry done on the weekends at one of the local laundromats.  That is usually $10.  Also, anything that you want to do during free time is on your own. Good news is that there is a lot of free and fun things to do while building community and relationships with your fellow camp staff. 

Again, we are excited for you as you pursue serving the Lord this summer.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you, no matter how, or where that may be.  Keep in touch, and God bless you! 

Phone: 828-765-7860

For questions about concerning applying, please contact our Program Coordinator, Jonathan Brantley.  [email protected] x 106

For questions concerning raising support, please contact our Administrator/Business Manager, Shelia Oakley.  [email protected] x152