Summer '24 Camper Forms

You may also contact Brianna Wieringa to have these forms mailed or emailed to you. 

  • Online Summer camp form for individuals

    Email [email protected] for the link! 

    If you are signing your child up individually (i.e., he or she is not attending with a church or organized group), please contact Brianna Wieringa to confirm availability and for the link to the new online registration form

  • summer camp registration form for groups

    Please use this form for registration if you are leading/attending with a church or organized group. If you are attending with a group, please turn this form into your group leader, not directly to TVR.

  • (Leader) Summer Camp Registration Form - Groups Only

    This form is for leaders attending with groups, both on-site and those staying nearby. 

    Background Checks: On-site leaders will also need to submit a background check at least 30 days prior to their week of camp. 

  • parent information for individual campers

    This information packet has all the details you will want to know for your child's week of camp, including:
    • How to contact your campers while they are at camp
    • Medication Administration Form
    • Check-In and Check-Out Times
    • Information on the theme
    • Sample Schedule
    • Packing List
    • ...and more!

  • If you are coming to TVR and would like to purchase Supplemental Insurance, please download this form (please note that we need this form 30 days before your retreat begins). If you have any questions, please email our Business Administrator, Shelia Oakley at [email protected]

  • Here is a layout of TVR's property.

  • If you are interested in working at TVR this summer and are over 15 years of age, please download an application. If you have any questions about summer employment, feel free to email our office at [email protected] or [email protected].