Our primary purpose for summer camp is to engage students with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have specific times worked into our schedule for worship and teaching, but we believe that worship goes beyond a part of a session in the morning and evening. We aim to integrate the gospel into everything we do.  


The foundation of our spiritual development is in daily quiet time. Each morning the campers and staff pause for thirty minutes to seek the Lord. We have a quiet time journal to guide the lesson. We finish quiet time with huddle time - a chance for the students to discuss what they gleaned from their individual quiet times with their cabin-mates. We finish the morning with a worship and teaching session.


The evening sessions are full of energy. We always start with a game, team challenges, and videos. Then, we have a time of worshiping through song, followed by teaching. Each week we bring in a different, gifted speaker to communicate the truth of God's word.


While we devote a significant amount of time and energy to the corporate worship and teaching times, our goal is to integrate the gospel into every minute of the week. Lives are certainly changed during the sessions, but we have found that some of the best ministry opportunities come at the climbing tower, on a hike, or after lunch.